The art of life

• Jack Chandler with some of the artwork he’s created over the decades.

95-YEAR-OLD Jack Chandler has spent a lifetime creating art.

He’s one of 20 residents from Leederville Gardens retirement village who’ll be showcasing their works in an art exhibition.

“I’m 95 now, but I’ve only been dabbling in art the last 70 years,” Chandler says.

Originally from England, where he served in the Royal Air Force, he also spent 14 years in East Africa doing air traffic control.

He has always been arty, but when he came out to Australia in the late 1960s he really got into it.

“The children had grown and I had time on weekends,” he says.

Chandler has a broad range and across the decades he’s produced paintings, sculptures, pottery and mosaics.

“Unfortunately three years ago I lost my sight…I can’t do art any more.”

Unable to create, these days he fills his hours listening to audiobooks.

He’s heard of podcasts and is keen to try that technology, but without enough vision to operate a touchscreen they remain out of reach for now.

The oldest piece in Mr Chandler’s collection is a beautiful, wood-carved Swiss milking stool, “that probably is 50 years old,” he says.

Other residents will be exhibiting textiles, teddy bears, wood carvings and dolls.

The exhibition is on at Leederville Gardens, 37 Britannia Road, on Sunday October 7 from 2pm to 4pm.


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