East of Eden?

THE future of East Perth is looking bright after City of Perth commissioners allocated $300,000 to revitalise the suburb.

The revitalisation is being overseen by not-for-profit organisation Historic Heart and city staff recommended they be given $117,032 for the second stage of their revamp, but commissioner Gaye McMath said they should get $300,000 to ensure Perth gets something special.

Spanning the area between Barrack and Hill Streets where the city was founded, HH has been decking out the area in art and landscaping, including planter boxes painted by WA artists, three murals and laneway lighting.

Historic Heart has also developed an app with a virtual architecture walk and an art trail.

The not-for-profit organisation is privately funded—developer Adrian Fini is the principal contributor and many local businesses have put in cash—but it’s also received $250,000 from the state government and some funds from council.

Ms McMath spoke at last week’s council meeting, telling the other commissioners they shouldn’t skimp on funding stage two, which will involve more art, landscaping and lighting.

“I am concerned that a smaller allocation…may fail to achieve the critical mass required for a vibrant and lasting change in the east end,” she said.

Chair commissioner Eric Lumsden agreed: “This activity, with the community support and involvement and the momentum it’s generated, is exactly in line with the City of Perth act which this council must take into account far more in its deliberations.”


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