There’s something for everyone at Red Cray


Fresh seafood, fresh local produce and traditional favourites

Passion is the key to running a quality restaurant. And no restaurateur is more passionate than Wayne Champion, owner and head chef of Red Cray.

A Mount Lawley icon, Red Cray has been serving up mouthwatering seafood, succulent meats and world-class international fare for years. Since Champion’s takeover, this relaxed restaurant has an enticing new energy about it.

“I’ve been a chef for just over twenty years and I still have a deep love for it,” Champion tells the Voice.

“I’m trained in Italian cooking but I love to put a more contemporary twist on traditional techniques.”

“One of my favourite dishes is the Crab Capellini as there are so many fresh ingredients,” Champion said.

This sensational dish consists of fresh crab meat, garlic and chilli brought together with a home-made tomato sauce with a real lovely basil kick.

A favourite with hungry diners is the impressive Red Cray Platter piled high with grilled and battered fish, Moreton Bay bug, grilled scallops, prawn skewers, fried calamari, chilli mussels, chips, greek salad, tartare and a white Sambuca mayonnaise.

If you have a taste for the theatrical, you can’t go past the sizzling prawns cooked in a creamy Pernod sauce and served with a soft tortilla, the dish is served in a piping hot cast iron pot with a rich sauce that bubbles away at your table.

Red Cray’s menu goes far beyond Italian favourites and explores a diverse range of international cookery – a great example being the Meaty Pork Ribs.

Moroccan-inspired, the ribs are slow-cooked in spices and punchy orange juice and served with a smooth mashed potato and pickled eggplant.

There’s also an extensive dessert menu to lust over which includes Cheesecake, Panna Cotta, Tiramisu, Sticky Date Pudding, Smores and a Marsala Zabaglione – a warm and silky marsala infused Sabayon Mousse made at your table and topped with shaved couverture dark chocolate and sponge finger biscuits for dipping. Just lucious!

For the early risers, Red Cray’s breakfast menu boasts a broad selection of seafood starters including the divine Jelly Jar – a layer of avocado and steamed crayfish set in a white wine jelly. You can also have scallops, prawns, smoked salmon and for the more traditional Old Faithful, bacon, eggs, garlic mushrooms, grilled tomato, sausage and ciabatta.

“The thing that stands out for me about Red Cray is our local produce, with a keen focus on fresh seafood,” says Champion.

“Red Cray has a real upmarket feel about it without the hefty price tag. There’s something for everyone.”

2nd Avenue Plaza, 755 Beaufort St, Mt Lawley
Phone 9471 8945 Breakfast Sat & Sun 7am-11am
Lunch Thurs-Fri: 12pm-2pm Dinner Mon-Sat 5:30pm-9:30pm

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