New migrant pupil program

DIANELLA secondary college have a launched a new program to help migrant pupils and their families feel at home.

The suburb has some of the highest levels of refugee and migrant settlement in WA.

The Metropolitan Migrant Resource Centre will work with the college to provide support services, including an annual camp for students and their parents, workshops and information sessions held in relevant languages and an annual “Harmony Day” at the school.

The program is funded through a $480,000 federal government grant.

“Economic and social integration by new migrants and their families is vital to their future,” said Stirling federal MP Michael Keenan.

“Feeling connected to their new home or school, and being part of Australian society creates a sense of worth and belonging.

“Students will receive active support enabling them to explore their options for training and education post-high school.

“The program will also encourage greater engagement with other recreational activities, including sport and the arts.

“The Federal government remains committed to helping humanitarian entrants, especially during their first five years after arriving in Australia, so that they can build a better life and become self-sufficient, fully functioning members of our community.”

The program is also being rolled out at Balga Senior High School.

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