Rally for mural

A RALLY is planned for October 29 to save the Brian McKay mural at the Central Park building in the CBD.

The building’s owners, Perron Group and Frasers Commercial Property, want to move the huge wall of murals by about four metres to make way for refurbishments.

The Perron Group, founded by Perth philanthropist Stan Perron, says they’ve got expert advice it will not damage the murals.

But newly formed group Hands off Our Central Park Art has received conflicting advice, and in any case argues “murals are not moveable heritage. They are integral to the building form”.

Janet Holmes á Court, friend of the late artist McKay, has been at the forefront of the no-move campaign and she applied to the WA Heritage Council to have the building heritage listed.

The rally’s planned for 9am at the corner of William and Hay Streets.

The artwork was inspired by McKay’s time living on the small Greek island of Kythera.

In a Byzantine chapel he saw a 9th century Greek script etched into the walls of a crypt.

The Cyrillic script resonated with him and he incorporated it into the Central Park mural, although the letters are chosen for their aesthetic beauty and the text has no known meaning.

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