REMEMBRANCE DAY 2018: A call to horns

• Buglers get a fine tune before their Armistice Day tribute.

BUGLERS, trumpeters, cornetists and flugelhorn players have responded with a virtual army to the RSL’s call to horns to help celebrate the 100th anniversary of Armistice Day.

This year while the big Remembrance Day ceremony is being held at Kings Park, about 180 horn players around the state will mark the minute’s silence with The Last Post, many of them in Perth’s CBD.

The 100 Buglers project was the brainchild of old mates Ted Tait, Barry Telfer and Peter Hind, who came up with the idea over a cup of coffee after last year’s Remembrance Day service, where they’d played The Last Post in the CBD.

Mr Tait says they pitched the idea to Perth’s close-knit music community and before they knew it the message had spread like wildfire and they’ve not got musicians flying in from Darwin and South Australia to participate.

It got so big they’ve even got participants playing in regional centres like Albany and Kalgoorlie.

“What is really pleasing is how many kids from primary and high school have become involved,” Mr Tait says.

Mr Tait was a member of the Australian Navy Band for 38 years and had the honour of performing The Last Post at the funeral of Claude Choules, the last veteran of the WWI conflict in Australia.

The Last Post will be played on Remembrance Day just before the minute’s silence at 11am.

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