Sacking shocks CEO

CITY of Perth CEO Martin Mileham has been sacked, but he’ll walk away with at least $300,000 and is taking legal advice to ensure he is “compensated to the full extent of the law”.

City commissioners Eric Lumsden and Andrew Hammond held a special council meeting on Monday to decide the CEO’s fate. Commissioner Gaye McMath was an apology.

Immediately after the behind closed-doors meeting, Mr Lumsden announced the council had resolved to “exercise its contractual right to terminate the CEO’s employment with notice, with immediate effect”.

Mr Mileham will be paid out his statutory entitlements, including pay in lieu of 12 months’ notice. He had three years left on his contract.

Mr Mileham had been on intermittent stress leave since February, when he found out then-acting mayor Jemma Green had engaged a law firm to probe potential wrongdoing by him; none was found.


On October 12, commissioners had engaged employment law specialists MDC Legal “to assist with employment matters”.

After the news broke Mr Mileham quickly issued a statement saying he only found out his contract was being terminated by reading about it on the city’s website and in media reports.

His statement said: “If the media report is correct and my employment has indeed been terminated, I am unaware of the reasons for that termination.

“Again, if correct, this termination comes at a time when I have been and am absent from work on authorised leave”.

He wrote “given my legal, statutory and contractual rights… I am disappointed, shocked and dismayed that the commissioners have taken this action without following any, or any adequate or proper due process and without even having the courtesy to notify me ahead of time.

The commissioners then put out a second media release, saying they did not intend to debate the details of Mr Mileham’s termination in the media, “except to say the commissioners made a decision consistent with their mandate to act in the best interests of the city”.


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