Back to school for the best day of the year

• It’s the first year the Old Boys School will be open for Open House Perth

THE best weekend of the year to be a nosey-parker is back.

Open House Perth is giving tours of more than 100 prominent buildings across the city, including many usually closed to the public.

The first Open House Perth was in 2012, but the global movement dates back to 1992 when it was founded by UK architects promoting the value of good design.

Along with mainstay attractions like the Old Perth Girls School in East Perth and the grand WA Ballet Centre in Bayswater, there’ll be a bunch of places opened for the first time, including The Old Boys School on St Georges Terrace, finished 1854.

The state library is also part of Open House weekend and you can see behind the return chute and some storage spaces and archives – packed with rare books, maps, paintings and film reels – that are normally off-limits.

Everything’s free with dozens of tours over November 10 and 11, but it’s really popular and fills up fast so make sure you register at

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