Pass the policy, please

• Eat for free: Jordan Steele-John and Caroline Perks.

WHILE the major political parties (and One Nation) charge thousands of dollars to access pollies at swank nosh-ups, the Greens are letting supporters bend their ear for free.

In October, One Nation leader Pauline Hanson charged lobbyists and business owners $5000 to join her for an exclusive dinner in Perth, while tucker with PM Scott Morrison can set you back $2000.

There are no free lunches with Labor’s leader either: In 2015 Chinese businessman Huang Xiangmo paid $55,000 for lunch with Bill Shorten.

Federal Perth Greens candidate Caroline Perks says everyone should have access to their MPs.

“You really need the people’s voices at the front and centre,” Ms Perks said. “We’re going to be encouraging the people of Perth to come out and meet their Greens politicians for free and put on a bit of a dinner for them.”

The dinner’s free and because it’s a Greens nosh-up there’s a vegetarian, vegan and gluten-free option.

The dinner is on November 19, 6pm at The Meeting Place in Yagan Square. Tegister via the Greens’ event page.


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