First past the post

I HAD booked interviews for last Tuesday before it dawned on me I’d miss the Voice Melbourne Cup party, but given the state of some colleagues the next day it worked out well and I enjoyed a peaceful lunch at Sayers Sister instead

I’ve been to Sayers in Northbridge quite a few times and the service is always excellent, and this occasion was no different.

I was too early for the lunch or I would have gone for the seared barramundi ($31), which D’Angerous Dave and I have enjoyed before.

But there was plenty on the breakfast/brunch menu, including your traditional favourites and a few exotic surprises like the zucchini and sundried tomato bread with minted ricotta, tempura zucchini flower and poached egg ($19.50).

For the carnivores there’s bacon and eggs or pulled lamb and pearl barley with sweet potato humus, tomatoes, egg, flat bread and minted chimichurri ($23).

But for me it had to be the coriander and cumin beans tagine ($17.50).

Not a fan of eggs, I asked for them to be left off and was pleasantly surprised when the waiter suggested I could have mushrooms instead.

The dish was so rich and tomatoey it should have been illegal; with a wonderful sharpness that was followed by a hint of chilli on the tongue.

A dollop of pesto and hummus added to the richness of the Moroccan spiced dish, creating contrasting but balanced flavours.

With appointments looming I grabbed a lime and coconut slice and a piece of carrot cake ($7) to go.

Enjoyed with a cuppa at home they were fantastic: the lime slice a perfect mix of sweet and sharp, with an undercarriage of chunky, coconut flakes.

The spicy carrot cake was like Christmas on steroids, with creamy white icing and a generous lashing of rich cranberries, walnuts and dried apricots.

Sayers Sister is never an outside bet for breakfast or lunch, and it romped home in first place again.


Sayers Sister
236 Lake Street, Northbridge
7 days breakfast and lunch

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