Grayden pre-selected

THE son of a former minister in Sir Charles Court’s government has been selected as the Liberal candidate for the federal seat of Perth.

Jim Grayden was selected unopposed at a Liberal party meeting last Thursday following lawyer Tamahra Dempsey’s decision to withdraw from the contest.

Mr Grayden had contested the July by-election for the seat as an independent following a decision by the party’s state executive not to field a candidate.

Describing by-election winner Patrick Gorman’s campaign as “aggressive and arrogant”, Mr Grayden contrasted his background in business and school teaching with his Labor opponent’s political trajectory.

“…a career politician with single-minded determination, working his entire adult life in the Labor Party, unions and as a political staffer with no real-world experience,” Mr Grayden told the party faithful during his pre-selection pitch.

Mr Grayden is the son of distinguished politician Bill Grayden, whose two terms in WA’s Legislative Assembly bookended a stint in Federal parliament representing the seat of Swan.

Grayden snr, 98, was a veteran of the Kokoda Track, Syria and several other World War II campaigns, and is one of only two living Liberals to have held office in 1949.

Mr Grayden says he wants to continue his father’s good work.

“A key issue for the people in Perth is Labor’s housing tax, which includes changes to negative gearing and capital gains tax, which will hurt mum and dad investors in Perth, as well as hitting home values, increasing rents and hurting the WA economy,” he told the Voice.

“I look forward to working with the WA Liberal team that have delivered a real long-term fix to the GST distribution that ensures funding for infrastructure, hospitals, schools and other vital services.”

Mr Grayden, 57, lives outside the Perth electorate in South Perth, but he says it won’t be an issue.

“My family and I have had close connections with the Perth electorate for over 120 years,” he says.

“I have worked with local family-owned businesses in Perth for the last 20 years and as a teacher have worked at several local schools.”


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