No buzz over drones

DRONE operators who want to film services at war memorials will be told to buzz off, says RSL WA chief John McCourt.

A drone with a flashing light hovered above Fremantle’s Anzac Day service earlier this year, sparking concerns last Sunday’s Remembrance Day service at Kings Park could also be marred, but Mr McCourt said thankfully there were none.

“The use of drones above or near memorials and places of commemoration is not only distracting and noisy but is highly disrespectful,” he says.

“The RSLWA is strongly opposed to the use of drones above commemorative services of any kind, not least the ANZAC Day services and Remembrance Day services.”

Mr McCourt added that the stance was shared by the King’s Park Botanic Gardens and Parks Authority, which consults RSL WA in all requests for filming at the state war memorial.

Both DGPA and RSL WA reject any request for drones, he said.

Earlier this month the RSL WA was indignant after a rapper filmed a music video showing people dancing and drinking on the steps of the state war memorial.


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