Vincent space race

• Little Charlotte having fun at the mini nature playground at Give Way Park.

VINCENT is set to get more parks, playspaces and public squares under council’s new open space strategy.

The suburb’s population is growing, backyards are getting rarer and publicly-owned sports grounds are bursting at the seams.

Vincent mayor Emma Cole said the city’s draft public open space strategy includes an independent audit “which confirmed much of what we already knew.

“The city needs more public open spaces in Vincent, and to improve what we already have to support our growing and diverse population into the future,” Ms Cole said.

“Over the next 18 years, our population is expected to grow by almost 37 per cent, with a trend towards a younger demographic. We need to plan for this population increase and make sure our open spaces are the best they can be to meet our needs now and in 2036”.

The 32 proposals to get more space include:

• Establishing shared-use agreements with the department of education to enable community access to school ovals.

• Asking private land owners with empty blocks if they can be used as public open space until they’re ready to develop;

• Improving the health and biodiversity of natural spaces; and,

• Investigating an urban wetland stream within the Claisebrook drain.

“We have made some good steps forward over the past 18 months,” Ms Cole said.

“We created a new park from a sump in North Perth, doubled the size of Hyde Street Reserve, developed a concept plan for Axford Park, built a new toilet block at Braithwaite Park and developed a draft Master Plan for Banks Reserve. “

The draft public open space strategy is at for comment, until November 28.


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