Ahead in the pole

• Peter Tulloch, John Carey, Olive Valvasori-Pereza and Nina Tulloch writing their letters to Father Christmas.

YOU won’t need to shell out for postage to the North Pole this Christmas – Perth MP John Carey is offering to get your letters to Santa for free.

He’s set up a post box in his electoral office at the corner of Wasley and Fitzgerald Streets, where kids are welcome to drop off their letters.

“If you post a letter with your address and name before December 13, we will get it to Santa and make sure Santa responds to you,” Mr Carey says.

“MPs have special access,” he says. “I get to see the premier of WA, I get to see other politicians and I also get to pass these on to Santa.”

Mr Carey said he came up with the idea because “I try to think of creative and different ways in which people can feel they can approach my office. Often people can feel intimidated speaking to a politician or going to a politician’s office or engaging with them. So I do different things to try to find ways of getting people walking through the door; saying ‘G’day’ to build a relationship, so they feel like they can come to you with anything.

“I want people to feel comfortable to drop in.”

When we swung by to take a photo of some local kids writing up their letters, Peter Tulloch told us he was asking Father Christmas for a Lego train.

Mr Carey told us what’s on his Christmas wish list this year: “I just want good company, good friendship and good health! And maybe one Ultimate Star Wars Lego set. I want the new Cloud City, if I’m being materialistic.”


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