Aged care sell-off

• Mertome Village is one of the retirement villages Bayswater council is hoping to offload.

NORANDA RETREAT is one of several retirement villages set to be off-loaded by Bayswater council as it undertakes a strategic review of its aged care residential services.

Maintaining the council-owned villages has become financially onerous in recent years and Bayswater is already in negotiations about divesting Mertome Village to Hall & Prior and Heathley.

Other retirement complexes set to be off-loaded are Carramar Village and Salisbury Retreat.

The review will also include a rethink on Bayswater and Carramar hostels.

Councillors voted to “review and document the city’s aged care assets, and prepare and execute a strategic plan for the transition of services.”

“Preferred bids would be shortlisted to the next phase,” read the officer’s report.

“If council chooses to proceed with a proposal, then shortlisted parties will be invited to proceed to due diligence similar to the process followed for the Mertome redevelopment process.”

The aged care review will be conducted by Ansell Strategic and cost about $120,000.

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