Kransky at Xmas

• The Kransky Sisters are looking forward to Christmas. Photos supplied

THE Kransky Sisters are bringing their tuba, keyboard, tambourines and even a toilet brush to Perth for a Very Kransky Christmas.

The Voice caught up with Mourne Kransky as she and sisters Eve and Dawn were getting ready to leave their hometown of Esk in remote Queensland.

Even for these oddball ladies, a toilet brush seemed a strange thing to take on tour.

“It makes a lovely ‘shooshing’ sound and keeps the keyboard clean,” Mourne (aka Annie Lee) says.

As the eldest sibling, she cared for her sisters after their mother left.

“Dawn’s father is not our father,” Mourne says. “He’s the reason our father left.

“And he left with our mother and she never returned.”

The question I wanted to ask, but felt I couldn’t, was whether the ladies are indeed ladies.

With strong features emphasised by long black hair and a deadpan expression, they look like Morticia Adams’ aunties in drag.

So instead we talk about the sisters’ identical outfits, consisting of spotted blouses and long navy skirts.

“We get our clothes at Glenda’s Fashion house in Esk. We get all our things there including our smalls. They have twin sets dating back to 1935,” Mourne says.

“Eve had a job there for a day. She lost it for giving away the wrong coloured money.”

Firmly stuck in 1950s Australia where they feel most comfortable, the sisters find songs on the radio they can Kranskyise.

“Sometimes they play it more than once and we can pick up more and get the whole song,” Mourne says.

Over the years they’ve covered an eclectic raft of artists including Nana Mouskouri, the Eurythmics, Talking Heads, the Bee Gees, Daft Punk and Steppenwolf.

“We pick songs because they remind us of our lives,” Mourne says. Songs help us to forget, or remember to forget.”

You can catch the weirdly endearing sisters at the Heath Ledger Theatre from December 13-15.

by Jenny D’Anger

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