Leedy steps up

LEEDERVILLE has joined the ‘Jane’s Walk’ movement.

The neighbourhood walking tours are named after late urban activist Jane Jacobs, who advocated people-first, city planning.

Local volunteer town team, Leederville Connect, is hosting the free walks and held the inaugural stroll on November 25.

Ms Jacobs died in 2006 and the first Jane’s Walk was held the following year in Toronto in tribute. The tradition soon spread across the globe.

• Strollers on the November 25 walk taking in the Leederville surrounds.

Usually Jane’s Walks take place in early May around her birthday, but LC opted for a southern-hemisphere weather-friendly version.

Tour guide David Galloway says “it’s a way to enjoy the start of summer with other local people, talk about what makes our town great, and hear stories about the history of Leederville and plans for its future.”

The next walk is Sunday December 16 from the Oxford Street Reserve at 11am.

It’s free but register at facebook.com/Leedervilleconnect, where there’s info about other upcoming walks.

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