LETTERS: 8.12.18

They no longer serve the poor
I READ with utter dismay and disgust the Speaker’s Corner “An opportunity wasted” (Voice, November 10, 2018), regarding charity shops reckless waste of donated goods.
The lame excuses proffered by one so-called manager beggared belief.
He/she should have been supervising the sorting being done by the the work for the doll sorters.
I don’t know the precise details regarding the running of charity shops, but my guess is that they differ from organisation to organisation.
There are still small charity shops, usually run by a church or grassroots charity of some kind.
I no longer buy goods from any charity shops due to high prices.
I get clothing from various markets and have stockpiled enough to see me to old age, which is rapidly approaching.
This includes towels and sheets. My great priority is natural fibres.
There will be a big shortage of cotton, linen, denim, wool etc due to climate change.
Water to produce the above will be scarce and land will be requisitioned to produce food.
I have gone off on a bit of a tangent. I shudder when I think of wool, cotton, linen etc going to landfill. Things have to change now.
It’s only in recent times that food waste has become a mainstream topic.
I am 60 and was brought up in a very frugal family.
There weren’t many charity shops around. We had one, a short walk away.
It smelt of moth balls and had hand-me-downs from the wealthy, blue-ribbon suburbs like Dalkeith.
We used to go to church fetes and jumble sales as well.
Garage sales were unheard of back then; we were taught never to waste anything and to value anything handmade, knitted or crocheted.
There was no take-away food of any kind; no fast food outlets as we know today. I saw the first Red Rooster outlet in 1971 or 1972. This was situated on Stirling Highway, Mosman Park. A KFC was in Cottesloe, soon after.
I have digressed yet again. Greed, ignorance, indifference and rampant materialism is trashing the planet. Charities (shops) no longer serve the poor.
I will add that there are some exceptions, however the Speaker’s Corner by Simone Dominique has given me some insight and ideas.
Liza Smythe

Bunny business in the chamber
IT seems John Carey and his Labor party (“Ahead in the pole”. Voice, November 24, 2018), will do anything to warm the hearts and minds of the local electorate including deluding children he has a direct connection with Santa.
Watch out next for important summits with the Easter Bunny and closed door sessions involving the Tooth Fairy.
If only some of our politicians were figments of our imaginations!
Tony Gibb
Mount Hawthorn

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