Write for fun!… or a prize

CALLING all inspiring (or aspiring) wordsmiths, bards and poets – we want to hear from you.

In January next year the Perth Voice is opening up its pages to local writers who’ve got something to say.

Tell us about the highs and lows of your neighbourhood, who the hard-working champions were that inspired you, and where you see your neighbourhood going next year.

Whip out a quick, cracking tale – fact or fiction. We want to see your furtive imagination at hard work and hear about the quirky happenings around town that might not have made it into the paper first time around.

And lastly, everyone loves a good laugh, so if you’re a budding Ben Elton with a witty bent give us your best short story based around where you live, your favourite Chook and what you like to do with newspapers.


Feel free to dress up your stories with artworks, photos or selfies (that’s a headshot for oldies).

There’s two $50 prizes up for grabs each week, plus a grand prize of $200 for the best article or artwork over the holiday period.

The rules are simple: Keep it clean and don’t be mean (we’d hate to wake the lawyers from their post-Christmas snooze), and keep it short and sweet (up to 500 words).

Send your articles, photos or artwork in to news@perthvoice.com.au including your name, address, phone number and email address as soon as possible, and no later than Wednesday December 17, 2019.

There’s no limit on entries.

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