Beau looking up

THE new Beaufort Street Christmas Festival kicks off this Sunday (December 16), with the first Christmas Parade to follow next Saturday.

The reinvigorated Beaufort Street Network has teamed up with St Alban’s Church and Vincent council to put on a week of Christmas events to get the Street back on people’s “to-do” list.

The street’s had its ups and downs and for a while it was a victim of its own success, with punters flocking there for entertainment at night but neglecting retail during the day.

BSN Chair Joshua O’Keefe says this year’s been promising for Beaufort.

“Beaufort Street has opened four iconic new venues over the past few months, just in time for the busy holiday and summer season,” he says.

“We are now home to the latest progressive dinner – [a food tour] between Sixty Grams, Meet and Bun and Measure – showing business collaboration is strong and getting stronger.

“A new art gallery space – a collaboration between Mt Lawley Art Framers and Assembly Dept – is another example that Beaufort Street is not just a food-and-beverage destination.” Mr O’Keefe told the Voice.

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