Donation curbs

‘TIS the season for giving – except in Stirling where a donation biffo is brewing.

Councillor Andrew Guilfoyle wants to stop councillors making donations to clubs and groups that are not in their ward.

“Recently one councillor used their funds to donate to a club in my ward,” he told the Voice.

“This then precluded me and my co-ward councillor Karlo Perkov from donating the full amount to our ward club.

“It also meant that the councillor had less funds to support clubs/groups in their ward – a bit odd really.”

Councillors are given about a $1600 allowance each year for networking, gifts and financial donations.

The maximum donation a councillor can make to one group, charitable organisation or not-for-profit is $200 per year.


“I don’t attend dinners; I prefer to support the club directly via the small cheques so they can use it for a Christmas get-together or whatever they need,” said Cr Guilfoyle

“This year I sent $50 cheques to about 20 small clubs: Riding for Disabled, Parkrun, Scouts, Rotary, Community Garden, sports clubs, etc and $100 cheques to two clubs.”

At the December 4 council meeting, Cr Guilfoyle tabled a motion that councillors can only give financial donations to groups that are based in their own ward.

“I can’t see a reason to donate to clubs/groups outside of the ward,” he told the Voice.

The issue will be debated when council resumes in February next year.

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