AGM gets fruity and nutty

MORE than 50 Bayswater residents attended their council’s annual electors’ meeting this month.

Residents tabled 14 motions, with 11 making it through to be considered by Bayswater council in the new year, including:

• Near-unanimous support for resident Lazar Radanovich’s motion to save a 60-year-old Kurrajong tree by the Bayswater subway. “This tree is earmarked for destruction as part of the upcoming Metronet Bayswater train station upgrade,” he said. “This tree held pride of place as an entry statement to the Bayswater townsite for several decades, therefore [it’s] worthy of preservation”. He wants it relocated. His motion was carried 57-1.

• A motion to save the tree that flanks the Bayswater underpass passed 57 – 1. Photo from Google maps.

• Pro-development group Future Bayswater got a number of motions through: chair Paul Shanahan wants the council to get on with implementing the recommendations in its “Building Bayswater” consultation, including 10-storey height limits around the train station. He says it will mitigate tree canopy destruction from the clearing of backyards”. His proposal passed 28-9.

• FB also wants an additional $300,000 in Bayswater’s budget for place making outcomes in the Bayswater town centre, three-phase power in Bert Wright Park for community events, and parking around King William Street and Whatley Crescent to offset bays lost as a result of Metronet. It passed 34-3.

• Steven Ostaszewkyj, who’s been keeping active on the scene since a tilt at council last year, suggested the city plant Australian trees—especially fruit and nut—at the dormant blocks at 59A Grey Street and 45 Ivanhoe Street. Everyone liked the plan and it was carried unopposed.

• A request by Glen Cookson to implement a heritage management strategy” was narrowly lost. It could “improve awareness and foster greater appreciation of the city’s rich and diverse heritage,” he said. It lost 18-21.

After the AGM, mayor Dan Bull told Facebook followers he was chuffed.

“Folks spoke with authority and sophistication, clearly understood their issues, and put relevant points across with passion and respect. Some people won their argument, and some lost. But everyone did so with grace.”


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