FREE parking has been scrapped at Scitech – just in time for the school holidays.

From Friday December 14, Scitech ticket holders will need to pay $5 to park for more than an hour at the City West car park, after centre management cancelled the freebie.

There’s still one hour-free parking, but that leaves you about 37.5 seconds for each of their 160 odd exhibits exhibit, assuming you can break the speed of light and travel instantly between them.

Scitech, who have no control over the parking fees, announced the hike on their Facebook page, and angry reactions followed.

Parents said it ate into the value of their $35 yearly pass, which has unlimited visits for children.

• Science got a bit more expensive this week. Photo via Scitech

One commenter said, “I recently renewed my annual membership. If I had known about the parking changes I wouldn’t have renewed it”.

Scitech responded: “We understand your concerns and frustration with the new parking changes at the centre.

“However, the decision to implement the $5 all-day parking charge was made by City West Management who own the complex. The decision was out of Scitech’s control. Thanks for understanding.”

Scitech has about 300,000 visitors per year. It’s right beside a train station, but a $12.80 family train ticket is dearer than parking.

The Scitech $5 special is still much cheaper than the standard $25 all-day rate at the City West car park.


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