You’d better sit down for this

IT’S a boring version of the warehouse at the end of Raiders of the Lost Ark – a huge depot crammed with  Baysy council’s unused office furniture.

At the December council meeting, resident Steven Ostaszewskyj said the furniture sitting in torpor is “property of the ratepayers” and “just completely forgotten about”, yet he says the council keeps buying furniture.

He wanted to know the value of the items in the warehouse on the corner of King and Raymond Streets, but couldn’t get an answer, so he brought it up at the AGM.

He asked if the council had an inventory – they don’t – so he moved they do a comprehensive stocktake.

He said at the AMG: “People are concerned where our rates are going and how the money is spent.

“From what I have seen it is a large warehouse space filled with furniture; each year the city spends money on new furniture.

“The amount of furniture going into this warehouse is more that the amount of furniture going out.”

The motion to take stock was carried 43-1. Mr Ostaszewsky said “we need to know what is in this location and what the value of these items are. Then we can determine how to deal with them”.


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