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THE Chook’s been roosting for a couple of weeks, but let us bring you up to date on what’s happened in Voiceland during the festive break: THE Chook’s been roosting for a couple of weeks, but let us bring you up to date on what’s happened in Voiceland during the festive break:

A LEEDERVILLE man was arrested for suspicion of stealing flowers from Kings Park over the festive break.
On December 28 at 2.45am police spoke to a man on a bike, stopped at the side of Hasluck Street.
They were suspicious because the 55-year-old man had three large bags of native flowers that police suspected he may not have brought in with him.
He was charged with damaging, destroying or taking flora or fungi, living or dead, from designated land.
He will appear at the Perth magistrates court on January 30.
In September 2018 police charged a man with the theft of 32 pot plants after Wembley residents lodged repeated reports about a serial flower thief.
And in October 2018 police charged a man with the theft of “dozens” of native flowers from Kings Park, and some from nearby Wembley homes.

PERTH council commissioner Eric Lumsden got a little political when he told local governments to be apolitical about Australia Day.
In 2017 Fremantle council shifted their Australia Day celebrations two days later to the Saturday, out of respect for Aboriginal people who view January 26 as a day of mourning.
Freo council are doing the same this year and The Sunday Times quoted Mr Lumsden as saying councils should “remain apolitical” about the issue, confirming the Perth Skyworks would remain on January 26.
Mr Lumsden and two other state-appointed commissioners are in charge while the Perth councillors are suspended, and the commissioners recently got a term-extension.
An inquiry into possible improper or unlawful conduct at the city was scheduled to finish in May this year, but local government minister David Templeman has extended the deadline to January 2020.
An Invasion Day protest rally to change the date is also planned from noon to 3pm in Forrest Chase on Australia Day.
Bayswater council’s going ahead with their Australia Day barbecue at the Broun Avenue civic centre on January 26.
Vincent will hold its usual citizenship ceremony. It’s one of four they run each year.

PERTH council’s annual general meeting of electors will be held on January 15.
They are normally low-key affairs and one year only one resident attended, but Perth council has since expanded its boundaries to take in some firebrands from the western suburbs.
Even the date of the AGM has sparked disagreement: Anna Vanderbom from the “City of Perth Western Residents Inc” group shot off an email to the city saying “we were shocked again at the inappropriate timing and apparent disregard for residents/ratepayers who traditionally use the period around Christmas and throughout January as a time to spend with their families on holiday”.
Ms Vanderbom wrote “we urge you to change the date of the meeting to February, so that residents have the opportunity to be involved”.
But new council CEO Murray Jorgensen, appointed for nine months, said the date wouldn’t change.
He noted that they would’ve held the AGM in December, but there was a delay in getting their audit report signed-off, so “rightly or wrongly, I chose the January date as I believed it was better to hold it sooner rather than later”, and all the commissioners were available in January.
He said he’s happy to meet with the CPWR out with the AGM to chat about their interests.
Any motion passed by popular vote at an AGM has to be considered by the council.

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