Let’s Get Louder!

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Fresh new eatery a celebration of Thai cuisine

Fun, fresh, and full of flavour – new Thai eatery Louder Louder Restaurant & Bar is a welcome addition to the Northbridge dining scene. Offering an enticing blend of regional specialities and well known classics as well as a wide range of specialty drinks, Louder Louder has broad appeal. A stunning fit out provides a relaxed yet upmarket feel, with the extensive use of honeyed timbers adding warmth and style.

Thai food is one of the most famous cuisines in the world, and is especially known for its spiciness, thanks to the generous use of chillies. The origin of chilli peppers in Thai food dates back to the late 1600s, when chillies were brought to Thailand by European traders. Chilli peppers blended well with Thai ingredients, and have been adopted into Thai culinary traditions ever since.

At Louder Louder, you can choose your own level of spiciness. For those who have never experienced Thai-level spiciness before, it’s best to start mild. Immerse yourself into the world of Louder Louder, let them show you why Thais and millions of people around the world can never have enough Thai food!

Louder Louder’s wide range of tasty offerings pays homage to Thailand’s vibrant and diverse street food scene. Secret family recipes from the experienced kitchen staff will make your eating experience a treat! Louder Louder want you to feel at home, a place you’re drawn to when you’re hungry, when you want a warm, relaxed and fun atmosphere. Louder Louder’s staff, your new family, are friendly, lively and funny with a professional service attitude. Louder Louder kitchen staff have much experience cooking for the people of Perth and has trialled thousands of recipes using locally sourced ingredients.

Louder Louder’s Mussaman is a homemade recipe from the central part of Thailand. The aromas of mace, cumin, coriander seeds and dry roasted peanuts are the main characteristics represented in this dish. These ingredients serve to bring out the sweetness and intense flavour of the curry. This delectable Mussaman uses premium quality beef ribs from a local WA producer. The 2-day slow-cooking process gives the ribs an extraordinarily tender texture. This signature dish is accompanied by juicy ripe pineapple wedges and fresh coriander to give the Mussaman perfectly balanced flavour.

Phone 9228 9358
47 Lake Street Northbridge
Email: bar@louderlouder.com.au

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