Summer Reading: What I Like to do with Newspapers

CATE JENNINGS enjoys making some newspaper hats with her 95-year-old dad Des, a World War II veteran, and her 94-year-old mum Kath, who also served in WW II with the Women’s Royal Australian Naval Service.

Straight to a crossword, thence to the Stars

(Aught to avoid any bad news that jars!)

What’s on at the flicks? Any concerts of note?

Local cafes (let’s see what they wrote…..)

Community Theatre. Yoga and choirs.

Fairs I can go to in neighbouring shires.

Origami is fun – I’ve dabbled in that

For the kiddies I make a Napoleon hat!

Of course cleaning windows with newspaper rates,

Plus wrapping the peelings of carrots, potatoes!

Villainous plastic and its toxic vapours

Means I now wrap all “wet” refuse in papers.

I volunteer to read print for the blind

“Community News.” What events can I find?

By this little poem, I’m sure you can see

That newspapers mean more than one thing to me!

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