Letters 26.1.19

More glory
THE graphic content in the Voice article “WA’S glorious history”, seems to be the focus of Angelika White’s complaint (“No glory for whole story”, Voice Letters, January 19, 2019).
Other museums have emailed the WA Museum and myself for more information about the door with the glory hole in it.
While Ms White may not see its value, professional historians believe the door has social significance importance and should be publicly displayed. The Gosnells Historical Society has also asked me to record an oral history for there records.
The Voice article touches on the homophobia and discrimination that GLBTI people had to endure, which was often very violent and in some cases led to murder (there was one a couple of years ago in Perth). The cowardly packs of men and women who hunted down and bashed gay men with protection from prosecution – “GLBTI being illegal at that time” –is an issue that should not be kept in the heterosexual closet.
Telling our truth may be confronting to people who are homophobic and discriminatory, especially those from an older generation.
The constant use of children as a shield for homophobia is abuse of children. We saw children used as pawns in the plebiscite and religious freedom debates. Please stop teaching children how to hate.
It is hard for people to change who grew up in a time when it was the norm to discriminate, or to drop their long-held prejudice.
Congratulations and thank you to the Voice for carrying the article and its support for the GLBTI community and our history.
Neil Buckley
(aka Mother Gretta Amyelleta),
rescuer of the door
Perth Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence

Not for kids
IF the WA Museum put the toilet door with a glory hole in it on show (“WA’s glorious history”, Voice, December 8, 2018), then I just hope it is in a separate room with a big ‘R Rated’ on the door.
I would not like to have to explain to my grandchildren on a visit there what the glory hole was for.
An entry charge to the new WA Museum is planned, and I just hope that it keeps true to being a family-friendly museum.
Maureen Green
Belfast Street, Morley

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