Intersection upgrade

• Labor MP John Carey and premier Mark McGowan at the notorious North Perth intersection.

ONE of the worst intersections to navigate in Perth will get a $2.5 million upgrade from the state government.

The notorious North Perth intersection at Wanneroo Road, Green Street and Walcott Street will be made safer using funds from the government’s Road Trauma Trust Account.

A new traffic signal mast-arm on Wiluna Street will make it easier to see the lights, and a dedicated green arrow will make it safer when doing right-turns off Charles Street.

Improve safety

Perth MP John Carey says “it is well known as a difficult spot, so these measures are about improving road safety.”

He says he also wants to improve safety at the intersection of Scarborough Beach Road, Main Street and Green Street.

“That is the hot issue in the neighbourhood,” he says

Mr Carey made a $3 million election commitment to upgrade the intersection, but it straddles Vincent and Stirling councils, and they have to agree with Main Roads on the best design.

Mr Carey says a solution isn’t too far down the road with detailed plans being drawn up.


One response to “Intersection upgrade

  1. Great news about this troublesome intersection.
    While there they could also look at the fact that the lights do not give enough time to cross from Green over Charles to Walcott Street.
    The approach has a left turn dedicated lane which is time generous, but straight ahead is single lane which only allows 6 – 10 cars to cross.
    If people are slow off the mark, this can drop to as few as 4.
    Meanwhile there’s a queue of up to 25 waiting to cross, it often backs up all the way to London St.
    Very frustrating as a local resident trying to move through my own neighborhood.

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