Don’t worry, Dora

THE grass at Beatty Park oval looks moribund after power was cut to the sprinklers, but don’t worry council says the hardy kikuyu will grow back.

This week the Voice’s dogs were unimpressed to find the once luscious turf had gone a classic shade of Aussie-brown, after the recent heatwave.

• Vincent council says Beatty Park Oval will soon green up again, which will be a great relief to chihuahua cross Dora.


Vincent mayor Emma Cole says Western Power had to disconnect the power for about four days as it was changed over from the soon-to-be-demolished Beatty Park Pavilion to Beatty Park Leisure Centre.

Kikuyu grass originates from East Africa and is almost unkillable, so council workers only had to take care of the plants during the downtime.

“To prepare for this, our parks team hand watered the plants surrounding Beatty Park prior to, and during, the disconnection to ensure no plants died in the heat,” Ms Cole says.

“As the turf is resilient and unlikely to die during the downtime, hand watering wasn’t conducted on the oval.”

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