A hot couple

DEATH-DEFYING feats of fire ensure Fuego Carnal is one of the hottest acts at this year’s Fringe World.

Husband-and-wife team Sophie and Jacob McGrath have assembled 11 performers from around the world for this scorching show, which combines circus, cabaret and lots of flames.

Fuego is Spanish for fire, and while carnal sounds a bit steamy it actually means “brothers, more family,” explains Sophie.

Flaming knives

The pair met on a backpacking holiday in Byron Bay and went on to form Dream State Entertainment, which has toured 38 countries for more than 20 years.

“We are first-generation circus; Jacob’s family are farmers from Jerramungup and mine were teachers,” says Sophie, a British ex-pat.

Dream State was based in Fremantle for eight years before moving to Queensland about four years ago.

Their latest WA show has a diverse line-up including Orissa Kelly, who shoots flaming arrows with her feet, and Mattie the Bad Piper, who literally blows audiences away with his flame-throwing bagpipes.

Aerial Manx bathes in fire and swallows the odd sword or two, while Alfredo’s flaming knives whistle past his girlfriend.

Fuego Carnal will be held in a steam punk “tent” designed by Jacob, with smoke and heat dramatically rushing through a hole in the roof.

The show is at the Ice Cream Factory in Northbridge until February 17. For tickets go to http://www.fringeworld.com.au   


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