MP rubbishes toys

• John Carey wants a ban on Coles’ “crap” toys and is collecting a petition.

BAN “absolute crap” toys being pumped out by Coles, says Perth MP John Carey.

After public backlash over the Coles Little Shop range of toys, he says it’s unbelievable the supermarket giant has released its “Stikeez” range: little plastic fruit-shaped toys you get for free if you spend more than $30.

“I’m calling for a ban on these,” he says. “I appreciate that this may not be the most popular thing to say, given the Coles toys were incredible popular, and I acknowledge that, but I think it’s the right thing to do.

“We’re already hearing media stories of these small plastic toys being found in the ocean; they’re perfect for animals to swallow.


“Now Coles is, extraordinarily, bringing out a second phase. It’s totally irresponsible by Coles that they are being required to ban single use plastic bags, and at the same time they’re pumping out what can only be described as absolute crap. This ain’t LEGO! This ain’t something that’s collectable.”

Mr Carey, who collects Star Wars LEGO, concedes it could be tricky drawing up legislation that bans promotional freebie toys, but permits high-quality toys like LEGO.

But he wants it considered as part of the state government’s upcoming review into single-use plastics.

“I’ve already spoken to the minister [for environment Stephen Dawson] and I’ll be organising a petition,” he says.

In the meantime Mr Carey says “my personal message is: don’t encourage this,” and refuse the toys when they’re offered at the checkout.

Coles has already copped some criticism from angry customers, with their social media peppered with complaints about the Stikeez, but the supermarket giant claims they “are collectable items and designed for customers to keep”.

“Customers can choose not to receive them and for those who do we hope they enjoy them for a long time into the future.”

They come in little plastic wrappers, which Coles says can be recycled in soft plastics bins in-store.

In November 2018 one of the little shop plastic toys was reportedly washed up on a beach in Bali.


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