LETTERS 23.2.19

Just a shed
PERTH federal MP Patrick Gorman having a wet-pants moment over the redevelopment of the old Bunnings site (“MP calls out Woolies”, Voice, January 16, 2019).
Mate, the proposal is basically replacing a tin shed – get over it.
Then there is Perth state MP John Carey harassing Coles over their little toys (“MP rubbishes toys”, Voice, January 16, 2019).
They may well prove to be collectables – have a peak at the Antiques Roadshow for proof.
As for the environment, he should walk up Guildford Road from Eighth Avenue to Lyric Lane and see the amount of pigeon dung which is collecting (pun intended).
And while on the subject of the local environment, the growing number of feral and domestic cats accompanied by foxes continuing to wreak havoc around the Maylands peninsular wetlands and golf course should be of more concern to local politicians, as the local council sure don’t give a fig.
Ernie Painter

What about our artists?
STIRLING council’s percent for art scheme 1989 was introduced into WA to help created a sustainable industry for WA artists; not architects.
Woolworths is a multinationally-owned company, not WA- or Australian-owned.
There is no exceptions on the scheme rules for a “wonderful architectural design”, or company taking the profits out of the country.
Architects continually claim the percent for art scheme funding for themselves, leaving the artists in the community totally unable to access the growth development industry, likes with Elizabeth Quay, Fiona Stanley Hospital and Optus Stadium footbridge.
Regardless of the architectural plans (which were probably done overseas), the percent for art scheme is enforceable and should be followed as it allows community and local ownership of the development.
There is a reason why WA is so unsustainable for artists: the GDP for the visual arts in 2016-17 was $63.5 billion.
Only 6 per cent of all registered artists make a living and their average income is $16,000.
Based on this, Woolworths can afford to put one per cent back into the arts community of Stirling.
Di Taylor, DiVerse Studio
Angove Street, Perth

A bit more imagination than that
LAST week’s Voice Mail did not give a true picture of the way the City of Vincent values community consultation (“Streets away from satisfactory,” February 16).
Our Imagine Vincent community consultation in 2017 really changed the way we engage with our community.
A three-month deep dive into all areas of our community led us to develop our strategic community plan with community values and priorities at its heart.
This now informs everything that we do. In fact, this consultation won the 2018 community development award from IAP2 Australasia, the peak public participation body.
We advertise our consultations in our council news advert, on our website and through our imagine Vincent consultation portal at imagine.vincent.wa.gov.au.
Please visit this page–it will give you a taste of the breadth of initiatives that we are currently seeking community feedback on.
In relation to a purported “lack of consultation” on specific projects:
• Oxford Street North upgrade – we door-knocked and made personal contact with all businesses on the street, and we planned the project with local town team Mt Hawthorn Hub.
• Loftus Street bike lane – the lane is being realigned, based on feedback from a community member and arborist. No trees will be lost or impacted.
• Robertson Park – the consultation was run by the department of local government, sport and cultural industries, with Vincent hosting their consultation page. Residents within 400 metres of the park were invited to give feedback, two public forums were held and an online survey was open for two months.
• Name the Laneways Project – residents and businesses within a 250m radius of each laneway were consulted and we advertised widely on radio, in local newspapers and on our website.
Emma Cole
Vincent mayor

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