Still shakin’ it at 99

• 99-year-old Madge Hitchins steals the show every week at Leederville’s Nirvana Dance Club. Photo by Margaret Hodgson

SHE’S a dancing queen, but she’s certainly not seventeen.

99-year-old Madge Hitchins is a walking or dancing reminder that it’s never too late to boogie as she takes to the dance floor at Leederville Town Hall every Saturday night.

Mrs Hitchens always steals the show and dresses to shock, claims her close friend Margaret Hodgson.

“One week she’ll be dressed as the devil, the next she’ll be wearing a slit skirt showing off her great pair of legs.”

Ms Hodgson says its hard to pinpoint the secret to Mrs Hitchins’ contagious energy as she closes in on the big 100.

“I suppose she chose her parents very carefully.”

But Mrs Hitchins says it’s not all down to her genes: “I’ve never had a smoke. I never had any lollies, ice-cream or any of that until I was seventeen.”

“The biggest problem really is finding a good partner,” says Mrs Hitchins, with a chuckle. “Most of them have passed on, but I prefer being a lone wolf now.”

Mrs Hitchins was an assistant schoolteacher for most of her adult life, but always wanted to do more travelling.

“I turned 70 and went gee girl, you better get a move on.”

“I bought a round-the-world ticket with my neighbour and off we went.”

“We tend to forget her age as she never acts it,” says Ms Hodgson. “There’s probably no one else like her in Australia.”


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