Fresh Fields for Mertome residents

BAYSWATER council is set to hand over the running of Mertome Village to private aged care operator Fresh Fields.

The ageing aged care facility on Winnifred Road has been in need of redevelopment for years, and in 2016 Bayswater council voted to sell the Village to an aged care operator for redevelopment and to lease out the site on a long term basis.

This week the council advertised a proposal for a 99 year “reasonable market rent” lease to Fresh Fields, comprising of a 40- year term, plus a 30-year and 29-year option. Submissions close on March 5.

A lot of Mertome residents wanted Bayswater council to retain ownership of the Village, and councillors were split over the sell-off, but in 2016 councillors decided the redevelopment costs were onerous and residents were better off with a private aged care operator.

No current resident can be moved without their consent, and the council report states “any redevelopment needs to happen in consultation with residents”.


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