Mixed views on Laneways

THERE was a big turnout for the debut Maylands Laneway Festival last Saturday (February 23), but many attendees were left saying it needed more stuff to do.

Bayswater council asked attendees for feedback and about half the people posting on the event’s Facebook page were disappointed.

One person said that it took them just 10 minutes to walk through the festival twice, and the silent disco turned up too late to even get set up.

Feedback included “disappointing—why wasn’t Eighth Ave closed and lined with food trucks”, and “not many food stalls or other interesting things going on,” and one attendee said calling it a ‘festival’ “is a stretch”.

With a budget of $15,000 council always intended the festival to be a low-key event, but for many attendees it was a snore-fest.

Bayswater south ward councillor Catherine Ehrhardt said it’s not unusual to get some complaints after an event, and this didn’t seem like an inordinate number of gripes; noting she’d received a lot of positive feedback too.

People asked for more food stalls and food trucks, but Cr Ehrhardt said the intent was that people would buy grub from local shops.

“It was about showcasing local businesses and all the restaurants did a booming trade that night.”

Bayswater mayor Dan Bull said “this is the first time the city has trialed an event of this kind in a laneway, and it was great to offer the community something a bit different while showcasing the amazing local businesses in here in Perth’s inner east”.


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