All aglow at Hyde

THE historic mini music festival Neon Picnic returns to Hyde Park on Saturday March 23. RTR’s Neon Picnic was the precursor to In The Pines festival, which has been held every year at UWA’s Somerville Auditorium since 1994.

The first Neon Picnics was held in the late 1980s when the radio station was still called 6UWA, and the final one was held at the Fremantle Arts Centre in 1994. To mark the station’s 40th birthday in 2017, the Neon Picnic festival was resurrected with a live broadcast from Hyde Park.

This year’s festival features Argentinian groover Jere Sosa, indy pop locals The Struggling Kings, saxophonist quartet Meraki and reggae jams from Zarm. Neon Picnic is at the Amphitheatre in Hyde Park from 11am-7pm. It’s free and there’s snacks and stuff for kids, and a bar for adults.

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