Three-bin system gets nod

THE three-bin “FOGO” system is scheduled to be rolled out in Vincent in October 2020 after unanimous support from councillors this week.

The third bin is for food and garden organics, which on average is about 55 per cent of the waste in a resident’s bin.

Currently the organic waste gets shipped to the tip where it rots and produces methane gas, but under the FOGO system the organic waste gets turned into compost and mulch.

Vincent council estimates it will cost about $1.4 million to introduce FOGO and running costs will be $43,000 per year, but over time it could be cheaper than the current system.

The one-off spend includes the cost of the new bins, along with the cost of employing a full-time “education officer” to manage the transition.

• Vincent mayor Emma Cole’s keen to rollout the three bin system. The little “kitchen caddy” is a halfway between the house and the FOGO bin. Photo by David Bell

The staff report to councillors lists “community acceptance” as one of the main risks and says it’s essential to educate people on what to put in each bin to prevent contamination.

Once FOGO is established, industry professionals estimate the cost of garbage disposal could be around $80 to $100 a tonne, saving Vincent council $190,000 a year.

Vincent mayor Emma Cole says “we’re doing this in an incredibly cautious and thorough matter” and there’ll be plenty of consultation with residents over the exact details.

They’re hoping to get state government grants to lower the transition cost.

FOGO waste gets collected in a little “kitchen caddy”, which is used to transport the organic waste to the new third bin outside.

Under the new system residents will get a 240-litre lime green FOGO bin collected weekly, a recycling bin collected fortnightly, and a little 140-litre red-lidded bin that takes waste that won’t go in FOGO, which is also collected fortnightly. Apartment blocks might need shared bins.


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