Locals queue for a spray

BAYSWATER locals have raised a stink over their council’s approval of a public toilet at the Seventh Avenue bridge in Maylands.

Last month the council voted to move an $85,000 public artwork created out of jarrah sleepers from the original 1913 Seventh Avenue bridge to make way for the new dunny.

But the Maylands Ratepayers and Residents’ Association has criticised the lack of consultation and wants the decision rescinded.

MRRA member Dominic Cascuna says most people only found out where the council wanted to put the toilet on the morning of the council vote.

“There wasn’t enough consultation done and it could cost up to $15,000 to move the artwork,” he says.


Locals took to the MRRA Facebook page to express their concerns:

• “What is the strategy to locate it there? I would like to see it closer to the busy part of Eighth Ave or beside the train station. If a little kid wants to go to the toilet, or a person with a disability it’s a long walk; and in my experience kids can’t hold on to walk down there. It’s quite isolated and away from cafes, etc,” posted David Dyke.

• “…already enough trouble in the area from the local degenerates, this will just make things worse. Anyone using 8th Avenue strip will never walk up to the bridge so what’s the point. I’m sure some of these planners would never allow this near their homes,” posted Jamie Wright.

Last week Bruce Havila, who is redeveloping the nearby Maylands post office on Whatley Crescent into a wine bar, said he wasn’t happy about having a public convenience near his new business.

Maylands local Jan Wheare says the commemorative bridge artwork, installed in 2015 when the new $9.3 million Seventh Avenue Bridge was opened, should stay put.

“To replace it with a toilet block seems an insult to the history it represents,” she says.

“It will be virtually hidden in the area on the other side.”

Ms Wheare noted it would be dangerous viewing the sculpture at the busy Railway Parade intersection, which will get even busier if the proposed closure of the Caledonian crossing goes ahead.

There’s no outhouse within 350m of the Maylands train station and locals have been complaining for nearly a decade about people peeing and defecating there.


One response to “Locals queue for a spray

  1. This is a terrible article. It totally failed to mention the Perth Transit Authority have refused permission for a public toilet on their land despite almost a decade of petitions. It also fails to mention the council couldn’t find any other viable space to put one. Nor that the funds are available for the purpose via a grant and will need to be returned if a toilet isn’t built. Surely a writer has some duty to actually report the reasoning behind the location rather then just reporting the knee jerk reaction from people who the majority of have no idea that ita the PTA’s fault why its not going in at the train station.

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