Tippling tapas

• Vincent gourmands might soon be able to enjoy something a bit stronger than a latte with their tapas, with Vincent council hinting that it might water down anti-alcohol rules in parklets.

DINERS could soon be able to enjoy a tipple in parklets across Vincent.

Under council rules, liquor has been prohibited in the little sitting areas that have popped up in car bays throughout Leederville and other town centres.

There’s rarely anyone in the one on Newcastle Street near Pinchos, as Spanish wine, sangria and cerveza are so integral to the tapas experience.

Pinchos and another nearby licenced venue Jus Burgers, are calling on Vincent council to change the rules so people can have an alcoholic drink with their meal in their parklets.

Both businesses built their own parklets, while others were installed by the council.

The final approval rests with the state liquor department, but Vincent councillors voted to give Pinchos and Jus Burgers temporary support and are now planning to remove the liquor-ban policy permanently, after 21 days’ public comment.

Mayor Emma Cole said the parklets should reflect the business that hosts them.

“And in the case of a small tapas bar…when you’re having your patatas bravas, surely that glass of wine is a normal thing to have,” Ms Cole said.

“I see people sitting everywhere at Pinchos – except in the parklet.”

Ms Cole said the council had the power to rescind the licences if there were any problems. Cr Ros Harley said the risk was low because the venues already have liquor licences and staff trained in the responsible service of alcohol

“I think it will add to the overall activity of the street and dare I say, vibrancy,” Cr Harley said.


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