Box a pox

QUEENSLAND box trees are a safety hazard and have no place in Stirling, says councillor Joe Ferrante.

At Stirling’s last meeting, Cr Ferrante called for staff to investigate Claremont council’s trial removal of the species and he wants his council to consider something similar.

Cr Ferrante says residents should have the right to trim back box trees that encroach from the verge onto their property, saying they’re getting frustrated.

• Cr Joe Ferrante says box trees are a menace.

“I frequently receive complaints about this particular tree; nuts are always on footpaths and it becomes a tripping or slipping hazard,” Cr Ferrante told the Voice.

“I find that it’s a common complaint across the whole of the city of Stirling.

Cr Ferrante wants to replace white-ant infested or dead box trees with blue Jacarandas, including in heritage precincts.

The box tree motion will be voted on at next month’s council meeting.


One response to “Box a pox

  1. I am concerned about this suggestion. Jacaranda trees have extensive root systems, drop large pods and flowers, and also drop their leaves as they are deciduous. In addition to this the flowers attract large numbers of bees which is a serious health risk to those who are allergic who may step on them. Jacarandas are not native to WA. It would be better to replace with native trees that will feed birds and provide habitat.

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