Growing wings

PERTH is busy fostering new musical talent and Noah Dillon sits somewhere towards the front.

Following the blessing of Triple J last year, the 21-year-old singer songwriter has enjoyed some serious airplay, beguiling audiences with his cosmic tones and catchy pop melodies.

Dillon is an emotional lyricist and performer: hugging his guitar as he sings while executing strange body spasms between drastic chord changes.

His music is like Paul Kelly meets Courtney Barnett on a windy day at the beach.

“I love the communication of music – being able to express yourself,” he says.

“I think I really like the fact you can communicate emotionally to tell a story without even speaking – it’s so powerful.”

Unlike many musos his age, Noah Dillon isn’t too-cool-for-school and his on- and off-stage persona are very much intertwined.

His genuine personality is reflected in his lyrics, which often deal with the importance of family.


In the song Jersey Street he writes fondly about visiting his grandma, and in You Did It To Yourself he sings: ‘If there’s a God I bet it looks like my mum.’

“I think I find it quite easy to write about family because it’s very present in my life,” Dillon explains.

“And at 21 I feel like it’s something I’m growing into and out of at the same time.

“It’s something that’s always there.”

It was his 2018 song Maggots which grabbed the attention of Triple J, which went on to label WA the “golden state” for music that year.

The powerful song, combining distorted slide guitars with Dillon’s fervent voice, is about his time living in a share house in North Perth.

“I was in a big share house with lots of young people. It was really dirty. And one morning there was a bunch of maggots. At that time in my life the maggots were very indicative of what was going on around me,” Dillon laughs.

You can catch Noah Dillon at In The Pines festival, at UWA’s Somerville Auditorium, on April 14.


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