Get on Side

It’s not easy eating BBQ when you have a beard.

I spent most of my time at Side Door BBQ in Highgate wiping rich espresso and blue cheese dipping sauce, sausage, gooey cheese and runny egg from my bristles – but I loved every minute of it.

My fellow bearded bro Jesse recently returned from America’s BBQ capitol, Texas, and he reckons SDB is the best BBQ in Perth, and I agree.

“This is Texas on a plate. I want to tell everyone about this place so they know it’s here,” Jesse mumbled through mouthfuls of flesh.

Value for money

Using meats sourced from local, family-owned businesses is expected, but what separates SDB from other local BBQ pits is its value for money.

Frankly, most BBQ joints in town are a bit of a rip off, but SDB really packs it onto the plate.

Our portions were so large that we left with a packed doggy bag full of rib bones and chicken wings perfect for gnawing on later that night.

We should have stopped at the giant brisket steak sandwich ($16) packed full of sweet, smokey and tender meat and a large side of chips, but we couldn’t help ourselves and topped up our order with other barbecued delights.

The 500gm, slow cooked beef rib ($30) was the hero of the day.

It takes a lot of experience to finetune your own spice blend and SDB have nailed theirs. The dry rub has the moist beef oozing flavour.

The deep fried chicken wings ($12) were crunchy, spicy, juicy and steaming hot. The accompanying blue cheese dipping sauce was sharp and tangy and really brought the flappers to life.

A thick cheese sausage ($10) is supercharged with chunks of jalapeno and bursts with random cheese bombs.

The sausage meat was a little dry, but with a large selection of sauces on hand that’s easily fixed. I recommend the Espresso on everything while Jesse prefered the Spicy BBQ.

While eating BBQ would be much easier without a beard, my kids have grown fond of mine so I’d never consider shaving it.

Afterall, you know what The Beards sang: “If your Dad doesn’t have a beard, you’ve got two mums.”


Side Door BBQ
497-499 Beaufort Street,

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