IN last week’s story on the opposition to the Maylands public toilet, “Gaunt vows to derail dunny”, we got confused by a Facebook poll run on the Maylands Residents and Ratepayer’s page.

We reported that only 55 of 134 respondents wanted a toilet at Bayswater council’s chosen location at the Seventh Avenue bridge.

But the poll allowed people to vote multiple times and there were a couple of non-exclusive options.

For example, some people who voted against the location also voted to spend the money on CCTV and improved lighting for the town centre.

So there were actually only 110 people voting, narrowing the proportion of yeas and nays.

A total of 33 people voted against relocating the sculpture for a toilet, 23 said they wanted the grant money used for CCTV, and 37 said “continue to lobby for toilets at or near Maylands train station” (the Public Transport Authority has consistently said “no” to that).

Also, to clarify, while Cr Elli Petersen-Pik said he didn’t think councillors should be “involved” in community Facebook pages, he got in touch to say he just doesn’t think they should be involved in running them.

He says it’s no problem for them to be a member and actually helps them to be aware of local issues and respond to residents.

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