Nearly crossed off

• John Carey and Kyilla Primary School mums Jennifer Breheny with her daughter Harriett (year 1), and Kate Gotsis with her daughters Remi (year 6) and Lily (year 5). Photo by David Bell.

A PERMANENT green light crossing is on the way for busy Charles Street near Kyilla Primary School, following a push for better safety from parents.

Perth MP John Carey held a survey asking people what to do about Charles Street’s pedestrian-unfriendly stretch in North Perth, which separates the school from the residential blocks to the west.

Half of the 246 respondents were Kyilla Primary parents, and 80 per cent of all respondents wanted a 24/7 pedestrian-activated green light crossing.

The lights will replace the existing lollipop guards, who were only there during school drop-off and pick-up hours on weekdays.

The crossing is used extensively on Saturdays, when people attend the popular Kyilla Community Farmers Markets.

Jennifer Breheny’s daughter Harriett is in year 1.

“When the [lollipop] guys are here it’s good, but if you have a play after school, trying to get the kids across is a nightmare,” Ms Breheny said.

Kate Gotsis, mum of year 6 student Remi and year 5 student Lily, says “even the grandparents who want to cross to the other side of Charles Street to visit – they just can’t do it after 2.30pm”

The Voice stood on the median, briefly, to take a photo, confirming the traffic roars along that stretch.

Mr Carey says there’s no perfect solution and all options have their pros and cons so they did extensive consultation – letterboxing the area, holding a workshop, doorknocking, social media and then the survey. The crossing was part of a $250,000 election commitment.

It’ll now go into the design phase and Mr Carey says they’ll also need an education campaign to ensure people use the crossing safely: pressing the button and checking that cars are actually stopping before crossing.


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