Shared garden proves popular

THERE’S wide support for an community garden in Inglewood with 98 per cent of respondents in favour of having it at the bowling club at 1 Stancliffe Street.

Stirling council got 189 responses when it consulted over the garden, with only three people opposed (concerned over traffic, ratepayer funds going to “non-essential projects”, and doing this before the full plans for Hamer Park/Inglewood Oval were finalised).

It’s twice as many responses as when they consulted on the Hamersley community garden.

The bowls club wanted to administer the garden, but council will “excise” the land so it can have a direct relationship with the garden committee.

Council staff said that would make funding and administration easier in the long term.

It’ll now go to the full council for a decision, and they’ll also consider allocating $20,000 in “capital seed funding” to develop the garden in the 2019/20 budget.

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