How Vietnamese should be

OKAY Vietnamese” is a bit of a misnomer as there’s nothing “just okay” about its food.

The restaurant reminded me how good Vietnamese cuisine can be, after my local closed down some years ago.

My friend and I shared vegetarian spring rolls ($5) and Thai fish cakes ($7.50).

Spring rolls may have become the Chiko roll of multicultural society–found just about everywhere including roadhouse bain-maries (shudder)–but these springers were in a league of their own.


Fresh and crisp on the outside, they were packed with flavour and bore no relation to their greasy cousins.

The fish cakes, some of the best I’ve had at any Thai restaurant, were bursting with flavour and the fresh lime and coriander lingered on the tongue.

Our fast efficient waiter took away our entree dishes, and just minutes later rocked up with our mains.

A mountain of Singapore noodles ($14.50) with fresh, crisp vegetables were first to arrive.

Add a few lashings of soy sauce and they were a great meal on their own.

The noodles were a great foil for the fish curry ($24.90).

The firm fillets were cooked in a rich, coconut sauce with heaps of capsicum, cauliflower and chunks of onion.

The serves were so large we took home enough for dinner that night.

At just over $50 for two people, Okay Vietnamese is more than okay with my bank manager.


Okay Vietnamese Restaurant
457 William Street, Perth
9227 6688
open 7 days 10am-10pm

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