Park adoption catches on in Stirling

MORE than 80 Stirling residents have “adopted” a local park after a recruitment blitz by the local council during March and April.

Park adopters keep any eye out for issues like graffiti, broken equipment and over-full bins and report them to the city, enabling faster response times and repairs.

Residents can join the Adopt-a-Park program at any time, but the recent recruitment drive boosted the amount of people looking after the 400 parks and reserves in Stirling.

• Stirling mayor Mark Irwin and Ali Barrett-Lennard at the Adopt-A-Park sign-up event at Cobb Drabble Reserve. Photo supplied


“More than 600 residents have joined Adopt-A-Park since it started over 11 years ago,” Stirling mayor Mark Irwin said.

“We have extremely dedicated supporters out there who keep so many of our parks looking great for everyone to enjoy.”

“I’d like to thank our newest Adopt-A-Park supporters who signed up at the recent registration events and to those supporters already part of the program.”

To sign up go to and click the ‘Become an Adopt-a-Park supporter’ tab.

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