Pushing boundaries

JIMMY KURATZ says he pushes the boundaries of comedy by using harsh material and “offensive jokes”.

“The content of these jokes is morally reprehensible, I accept that, but that is the reason I was doing these jokes, to see; could I push them over the line despite the content,” Kuratz said in a video posted earlier this year.

In a show in August last year using his “harshest material on purpose… coz I had something to express,” Kuratz told a joke he later described as his favourite of the evening.

“Apparently, we can’t use the word ‘retard’ anymore. Now they insist we call them ‘feminists’. Hahahahaha — I know that is brilliant.”

• Jimmy Kuratz often uses social media to explain his comedy philosophy.

He posted a couple of days earlier: “I love getting people to involuntarily laugh out loud as they say to themselves, “what the f**k is wrong with this c**t?!?!?!?!”

“When they laugh against their will & in direct conflict to their own philosophy, I suspect it will force them to examine the narrative by which they live their lives. That is a service worth providing to humanity, in my opinion.”

Earlier this year, another video from a live gig contained an “offensive joke” that “got a good laugh” about a local transgender comedian, though he bleeped out the comic’s name for the internet.

Ugly woman

Kuratz told the audience he thought he’d recognised the comedian recently, but after getting up close realised “it was just a really ugly woman”.

He explained in the video his belief that audiences were more forgiving about his objectionable jokes if he’d established that he didn’t really hold the views he was espousing.

“They will let me get away with almost anything, if they know I’m not coming from a place of anger, that I’m just having a jovial good time.”

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