LETTERS 8.6.19

Keep out
I AM appalled at the interference of the Labor state government in the running and taking over control of the Perth city council.
It wasn’t until the previously popularly-elected lord mayor Lisa Scaffidi showed some support for then-premier Colin Barnett that the axe fell.
Scaffidi was particularly “A”-political for all of the time and had been supportive of Labor MP John Hyde by my observations, but the internal bickering of the elected councillors attracted the wrath of both sides of parliament (considering there were a couple of aspiring Labor parliamentarians within the councillor’s ranks that brought it to the fore).
The newly elected state Labor government promptly dismissed the lord mayor and suspended the councillors, supposedly until the next election, and installed three highly overpaid, un-elected commissioners.
These commissioners have in turn employed a CEO who will now employ four, I assume, Labor-supported general managers at $300,000-plus per annum.
The previous “Directors” they are replacing left on their own accord; my guess after a shove.
After all, only a dill would leave a $300,000-plus job without good reason.
It is high time the commissioners produced a report to show what they are doing, other than obviously extending their un-explained well-paid tenure.
What crimes have been committed by the elected councillors and why is taking so long?
I think it is about time the state government came clean about their takeover plans for Perth city council by stealth, accident or design.
The Perth city council has now become the extended arm of the state Labor government.
Lyndon Rodgers,
Perth councillor 2009-13
St Georges Terrace, Perth

Pure greed
FIRSTLY, I’m no letter writer.
Secondly, this is no comment on the Voice’s editorial (“Beaufort thaw to tackle trade crisis”, Voice, June 1, 2019).
Vincent council is set to spend $330,000 on a joint Stirling/Vincent council venture to help tackle the trade crisis on Beaufort Street.
It is a waste of money, the problem is not Beaufort St or any other street or suburb.
It is the greed of the proprietors/owners of these establishments and the massive rents they charge.
This is not an isolated problem: it is happening all over the Perth CBD and Perth’s inner and outer suburbs.
It has been happening for years, more businesses will continue to close. Surely this cannot have been missed.
This is like putting a band aid on a gaping wound, when stitches are need.
You can have a refurbished Beaufort St, all nice and dandy, but it will be a pretty cake that tastes like sour milk inside.
I use to go to a remedial massage in Perth city, but they had to close because of very high rents.
The true answer is the state government, either on its own or with shires and councils, must protect small business owners. Otherwise it’s like peeing in the wind.
The state, shires and councils will suffer as it degenerates into a ghost town of bricks and mortar.
Selling nothing but dust, and adding to an already big unemployment problem.
Mr “E Scrooge”

Hot topic
SO good to see all the councils trying to mitigate the climate crisis.
They could try stopping healthy mature trees on the perimeters (where most trees are) being cut down when inner suburban blocks are cleared.
Other capital cities seem to have mastered the concept, but it’s far too hard for us apparently.
We’ve been talking about it for decades, and here there was a block cleared back to grey sand in Pennant Street, North Perth this week.
How have other cities protected their trees and wildlife, and why not us?
C Anderson
Loch Street, North Perth

Homeless Man
CARDBOARD sign says it all in case you didn’t know
Another soul, destitute, with nowhere left to go.
What led him to this pavement? Complex issues abound.
Who will lead him from despair to turn his life around?
Busy people shuffle past without a second glance
He hangs his head in shame, a victim of circumstance.
How has society allowed this demeaning situation
In a land so blessed as ours, this rich Australian nation.
Janet Mall
Conroy Street, Maylands

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